Performance Analysis

What is "Performance Analysis"?
Performance Analysis is a process that creates a valid and reliable record of performance by means of systematic observations and analysis with a view to facilitating game improvement.

What is being observed and analysed during the process?
The process is based on two distinct areas of golf performance - Your swing and your clubs.

Why is it important to look at these two areas of performance?
By looking at all of these two areas we will be able to build a picture of what your current capabilities are and most importantly determine how to improve your performance on the golf course.

Why is analysing my golf swing and golf clubs important in determining improved performance?
It is important that these areas of performance are aligned and working in harmony with each other if a golfer is to perform to the best of their ability. Performance analysis will quickly identify which area or areas is restricting improved performance and will offer efficient solutions to address the problem, in the form of a development plan.

How long is the analysis process?
A full analysis covering course swing analysis, consultation and your equipment may take up to two hours. We strongly recommend that you invest in a full analysis so your golf professional can work out the best development plan for you based on relevant data.
If you book a three hour or more package, you will receive the performance analysis FREE.

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